Day91 Riverside Chili Cook-Off & Car Show

Classic Cruiser

Classic Cruiser

I go to many car shows throughout the year.
Besides a personal passion for old cars and trucks, a fair amount of my clients are from that industry (and a few sponsors).

The Event: Riverside’s Chili Cook-Off & Car Show.
An annual event bringing the community together for fun, socializing, and entertainment.
The main drag of the city is shut down for about a mile and lined with custom/classic cars, vendors, rides, and entertainment.

This year I decided to open a booth at the show, and glad I did.
Many car shows that I attend, we have a booth, but it is usually focused around pinstriping and custom paint. This one I decided to go completely with car/motorcycle “renderings”.

That said, the booth was a bigger hit than I had expected and photo shoots start tomorrow!
Anyone want to help me shoot a “herd” of motorcycles? 🙂

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………almost forgot!

This was my favorite entry to the show! -rendering free of charge.


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