Stallion Marketing

Even the best horses require good marketing.

Bloodlines and show records go a long way to marketing your horse for sell or breeding, but it is that PHOTO that makes on stop and stare that brings in the potential client.

Years ago I had a potential client call about doing a photoshoot. At the time, I charged $260 for a single horse shoot.
This client had been actively marketing the horse online and in several “trader” magazines. Even with great conformation, bloodlines, and exposure, not one call came in for the $1500 price tag.

She was very apprehensive about spending “so much” money on a shoot, so I made her a deal:
She could either pay me the $260 up front, or 10% when the horse sold. As any smart person would do, under the circumstances, she chose the later.

Three days later the horse sold for $15,000.

If you are serious about marketing, good photos should also be part of your investment plan!