Kevin Kidder

Kevin Kidder

About Riverside365

Welcome to Riverside365

The goal of this blog is multi-purpose.
First: It allows me to share with you “my” vision of the city.
Second: In commiting myself to take one unique photo a day, It opens my eyes (and hopefully yours) to the many features that this city alone has to offer, allowing us all to grow as a community.
Third: I wish to share with those from outside of the community the treasures that Riverside has to offer.
Forth: To learn, and share, a bit about the history of what made this city what it is today.

For those of us who live and work here, the things that we see regularly become much like those things stuck to the front of our refrigerators.  After a while, we just don’t see them anymore.

Hopefully this will inspire “YOU” to look around and see what I see in the town around you.

May my photos make you proud of the place that you call home!


About the Author/Photographer

Kevin Kidder is the founder of Kidder Design Group, with its headquarters located in Riverside, CA.
As a graphic artist, painter, and photographer, he has been commissioned to create several works for the likes of 3M Corp., House of Kolor Paints, Auto-Air Colors, Carl’s Jr. and Hardees Restaurants, El Pollo Loco, Riverside Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and many others.

He has been a contributing editor to Airbrush Action Magazine and featured by Time Warner, CNN, The Press Enterprise, and The Sun for his murals and designs. His designs and photography have also been featured in many automobile magazines,trade shows, custom/classic auto exhibits, 5 Star Hotels, as well as local and national art galleries. Locally, he has contributed to the city of San Bernardino with three bridge murals, Riverside’s Mayor’s Ball, and is currently working with a local auto museum (private) on the restoration of the many buildings and signs inside.

Kevin’s design style comes from growing up in a design conflicted environment.
Growing up in an automotive custom paint shop, and influenced by a formal graphic illustrator, Kevin describes his work as “Professional, with an edge”.

His style and knowledge of the custom paint industry, as well as his meticulous attention to detail, has brought him great attention by many of the nation’s top painters and collectors.
Kidder Design Group provides the following services:
Graphic Design, vinyl/paint lettering and signs, web design, large format printing, custom paint and airbrushing, and photography.

Contacting Kevin:

Phone: (951) 25-IDEAS

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