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Day73 Gallery with a view

Craftsman Splender

Craftsman Splender

I am excited and bit in awe today.

Remember a few days back, and the picture of Riverside Medical Clinic?

Well they have offered an office, located in the center of the main lobby, to me to use as a personal gallery!

So today I went to check it, and the building out a little more in depth.

The 3 story waterfall, well this is it (or part anyway).

As for the gallery, I have a lot to do to get ready for it.

Perhaps mid June???

Day54 Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Timing is everything (okay, maybe location too)!

Surprise! Didn’t expect to see me back at the Mission Inn, did you?

This time I was actually going to the Crescent Jewell to get some lunch.

My friend, eagerly waiting for me, was mocking my effort to take some pictures of the sky and clouds. And then………..

Just as the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds {click}.

He decided to take back his comments after seeing the picture.

Day51 Honest Day’s Work

Hard Day's Work

Hard Day’s Work

Surprisingly, there are a few “country” places still left here in Riverside.

This particular picture was taken on the ranch of some of the best people you could ever meet!
It has also played backdrop to several great photo shoots!

Thank you Amber!!

Day50 BackStreet

Backstreet Dance

Backstreet Dance

Backstreet Dance, located just south of University Ave. between Lemon & Lime is home to the coolest wall in Riverside.

Weathered and worn, this wall brings around many photographers for photo shoots (from engagement photos to senior pics).

A great photographer friend of mine was recently told by the owner that she “better enjoy it now, because it is going to be painted white”.  A sad day!

I guess they are tired of the attention.

Day40 Forgotten



One thing that Riverside has is some of the most beautiful houses.

From the old Victorians, to the craftsman houses on the Wood Streets, to the beautiful (and Huge) homes in Stellan Ranch.

Many of these old pieces of Riverside’s history have been preserved by loving owners who take pride in their heritage.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule!
This particular house, one of two adjacent homes owned by the city, sit empty, unloved, and in dis-repair.

Both are also slated for demolition.

Think the city might “donate” one to me to use as a working gallery?

Day38 “M” is for Mill

M is for Mill

M is for Mill

I participate in a photography group which is currently doing an alphabet theme photo event.  Each day corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  You get the picture.

So for today’s photo, I chose this mill, located off of Jurupa Ave to represent the letter M.

Day36 Crossing



Not a Riverside icon you say?

So maybe it is not specific to Riverside, nor does it capture any special community activity, but it is pretty artsy!
And it is in Riverside.

Day30 Art at UCR

Art Dept, UCR

Art Dept, UCR

This picture comes for a request from an old friend who had moved away several years ago.

Through this blog, and Facebook, I am often asked about “old stomping grounds” from friends that I went to school with, and even people that I have never met.

Is there some place that you would like to see?

Day17 Fox Theater

Riverside Fox Theater

Riverside Fox Theater

Technically “The Riverside Fox Performing Arts Center”

Completed in 1929, the Fox Theater was host to early silent movies and premiered a sneak preview of Gone with the Wind in 1939. It is a grand Mission Revival building in the heart of downtown Riverside.

“The recently rehabilitated building paves the way for the introduction of national touring Broadway shows.”

Day11 Life Arts Building

Life Arts Building

Originally the first YMCA in Riverside, the Life Arts Building acts as a cornerstone in the city for art related events.

The first Thursday of every month, this place comes alive for Riverside Arts Walk with displays from local artists filling all levels of this place.

If you have never been to Arts Walk, I encourage you to come out!
It is a free community event spanning the downtown area of Riverside with galleries and exhibits open late into the evening and flowing out into the streets.