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Day78 Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

If any particular street in Riverside has a history to it, this would be the one!

Anyone who has lived in Riverside for even a short period of time is familiar with Victoria Ave.

Many stories surround this street, all centered around the history of the city, history of the country, and solidifying Riverside as the “City of Firsts”.

It is said that this is the street which started the typical California image of Palm lined streets.

I have also heard that is is part of the first road which connected Canada and Mexico.

Victoria Ave. dates back to the days preceding the automobile and has played host to the travels of many dignitaries and presidents on their ventures (and visits) through the area.

Countless volunteers collect throughout the year to maintain the miles of roses, trees, and vegetation that provide to the beauty of this road.

Victoria Ave. is also home to several Mexican Folklore….

Day74 Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Today I paired up with good friend and fellow photographer Donella (from Ella B Photography) to help cover and extended family photo shoot.

Fairmount Park is the perfect place for such a shoot, due to the variety of “backgrounds” to pick from. Rose Gardens, fields, water, bridges, the boat house, etc.

Tip: Having more than one photographer for family shoot is always great in that it gives you many opportunities for candid shots and close-ups during the “formal” part of the shoot.

Day71 Solitude



Today I was out doing landscape photography for a client.

The skies were beautiful and clear, the views great.  What a perfect day…………until

After spending the whole day traveling southern California, I get home and upload the photos to my computer.

Ever notice how sometimes the photos don’t exactly come out as you remember them?  This was such a day.

I had been shooting with the wrong settings on my camera the entire day.   UHG!

None the less, I really like how this image came out!

As for location: Stellan Ranch, Riverside.

Day52 Lake Evans

Lake Evans

Lake Evans

Located in Fairmount Park, Lake Evans is bound to hold memories for any resident who has been in Riverside for a while.

Though events in the park seem to be picking up these days, the “attendance” is a far cry from earlier days (in my lifetime anyway).

The shoreline has always intrigued me with its gnarled exposed roots and old growth trees.

Looks more like something from the deep south than what one would expect in Riverside.

Day48 Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Another beautiful sky!

Compliments of Mother Nature and the view from Sycamore Park

Day35 Tequesquite



So what is it?

Most people have never heard of it, let alone know where it is.

I have passed by this field (on Palm Ave, near the base of Mt. Rubidoux) many times, staring at that one tree.

Well today, with the sky and grass, I finally made the stop.

Yes, this really is Riverside!

Once known as Chinatown from back in the train/packing days, Riverside has made plans to convert the field into a sports park.

The current plans call for two baseball diamonds on the east end of the site, two basketball courts and parking for about 350 cars near the center, and grassy, open space rimmed by a walking trail and sycamore trees on the west end.

Day29 Boat House

Boat House

Boat House, Fairmount Park

Just as I warned you, here is the boat house at Fairmount Park.

Anyone remember the old paddle boats, rides, etc from back in the day?

Day28 Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park

Anyone who has ever lived in or near Riverside is familiar with Fairmount Park.

I was feeling nostalgic today, thinking about aspects of Riverside that I remember from my childhood.

Though I was never into fishing (nor do I think I would eat fish caught in this lake), it was a popular place back in the day for just that!

With the recent wet weather that we have been having, the sunsets have been unusually vibrant.

Tomorrow I think I will come back and get a picture of the old “boat house”, when there is some light left in the sky

Day27 Lake Mathews

Lake Mathews

Lake Mathews

Personally, I don’t think i have ever seen Lake Mathews quite like this!

And that is exactly why on this morning I stopped to take this picture.

Just don’t tell anyone that it was in the “No Stopping Anytime” area!