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Day134 Summerset



Summers in Riverside can be quite brutal!

This year, however, we have been quite lucky as far as the temperatures are concerned………… far!

Today’s “adventures in photography” take us back up Mt Rubidoux for a run/walk at sunset (Read: a walk for me and my friends, a run for my girlfriend who is training for a marathon).

The views from “the hill” never ceaze to amaze me!
Whether clear or overcast (okay, so it is really smog!), you can see for miles! And the mood and view lend itself to endless photo opportunities.

The lush greens of spring are long gone, as well as the sea of colors from the wildflowers.  Still, there is a heartfelt beauty that only home can bring!

Day132 Riverside Airport



While running some morning errands, I noticed a “flock” of planes circling the Riverside Airport.

One of them happened to be this beautifully restored bi-plane.

I stopped by to take a look at what else might be part of the morning’s activities.

Filling the tarmac were old planes, stunt planes, you name it!

In talking with a few of the pilots, I learned that every Sunday a group of these weekend warriors get together for a little flight time.  Each week a different stop along their regular southern California path.

Day129 Sails



Day126 Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Park (near the top of Central Ave) has a great view of Riverside and the surrounding cities.

This is the same location that the fireworks photos from yesterday were taken.

With lush green grass, covered picnic areas, basketball courts, and playgrounds, it is a great place for some family time.

On a clear day you can almost see to LA!

Here is another photo from the same park:

Day125 Happy Independence Day

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

Each year the streets, fields, parking lots, and even roof tops around Mt Rubidoux are lined with local residents and friends waiting to see the fireworks show.

This year was no exception.

Even as I drove down Brockton around 6pm, people were already marking there domain.

The one tradition that has in the past set Riverside apart: the Annual “Burning of the Mound”.

In the past, it was just as much of a tradition to watch the hill burn afterwards as were the fireworks.
How times have changed!  🙂

Day81 In the Good Ole Days

Good Ole Days

Good Ole Days

This was taken while I was supposed to be shooting view shots for a client of mine.
They own several properties with the most amazing views in the area.
Of course I was diverted by the old beat up looking area.

How could they blame me?
It has so much character.

And even though they did not pick this particular picture as a representative image of their property, I still think it has a lot of character.

Day49 St Catherine’s

St. Catherines

St. Catherines

In my quest to cover my hometown of Riverside, I passed through my old stomping grounds today on my way home.

St. Catherine’s Church, a corner-stone in the community brings back many memories (I only attended the regular carnivals there) of late spring and summer nights.

Day1 Welcome to Riverside365



I would like to welcome you to “MY” view of Riverside, CA.

A little about me:
My name is Kevin Kidder and I am a graphic designer/photographer who was raised here in wonderful Riverside, CA.
I have been around the world a few times, lived across the US, and each time I find my self coming home to this city.

The goal of this blog is multi-purpose.
First: It allows me to share with you “my” vision of the city.
Second: In commiting myself to take one unique photo a day, It opens my eyes (and hopefully yours) to the many features that this city alone has to offer, allowing us all to grow as a community.
Third: I wish to share with those from outside of the community the treasures that Riverside has to offer.
Forth: To learn, and share, a bit about the history of what made this city what it is today.

For those of us who live and work here, the things that we see regularly become much like those things stuck to the front of our refrigerators.  After a while, we just don’t see them anymore.

Hopefully this will inspire “YOU” to look around and see what I see in the town around you.

May my photos make you proud of the place that you call home!