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Day138 Dumbfounded



You know those days where your brain just doesn’t seem to work?
Thought, ideas flow as freely as molasses on a cold day….

This was one such day.

I had several ideas for shoots for the day, but none of them seemed to work out.
Either the sun was too high, or too low. Palms ,power poles, and street lights (a common mark of progress in out city) seemed to ruin every pre-thought idea.

On that note, this is all I could come up with!!

Day137 Riverside Library

Riverside Library

Riverside Library

Riverside Library, one of the last remaining city icons slated for “revitalization” in the Riverside Renaissance Project, sits idly by in its current dated state.

Once a frequent visitor to the library, today my quest for knowledge tends to lean towards the internet.  I imagine that this is the case for many of you out there as well.

Anyone have any pictures of the original library?

Day136 Colors of Riverside

Colors of Riverside

Colors of Riverside

The recent weather both hot and cold has been an interesting twist from the normal Riverside summers.

Recent storm clouds have brought with them a myriad of colors, as seen in this picture, taken from the top of Mt Rubidoux.

Day133 La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

For the East Side of Riverside, there is nothing new about La Gran Fiesta Ranchera.

I can not tell you how many years that this festival, er um, fiesta has been going on, but I can say that I remember visiting it with friends back in Jr. High School.

The event, which is an annual fundraiser for Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine on Victoria Ave, draws an amazing crowd and some great musical talent.

And then there is the food…………
That is what this event is all about (okay, maybe that is just me!).
Carnitas, tamales, corn, jugos…….. and of coarse pizza!  Afterall, what would a fiesta be without pizza?

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

Traditional carnival style games line one side of the venue and greet visitors as they enter.

Food, beverages, and entertainment fill the rest.

Temporary Break in Posts

The professional side of Kevin

Hello all,

I will be taking a temporary break in my daily posts due to moving.

See you again shortley!

Day69 Riverside Medical Clinic

Riverside Medical Clinic

Riverside Medical Clinic

Riverside Medical Clinic, once a small center located adjacent to St. Catherine’s Church has seen huge growth over the years due to it’s operating model and service.

Now that service and expertise comes in a beautiful new building!

Inside and out, the architecture and detail is simply amazing!

From the 3 story waterfall to the polished wood and stone accents every inch of this place reflects the center’s attention to detail and class.

Day47 Chinese Pagoda

Chinese Pagoda

Chinese Pagoda

Located outside the downtown library, this great pavilian (notice sign) is “closed to the public”.

Must be just community art

Day46 Cowtown



This place has been around forever!

Located on Van Buren, in the Woodcrest area of town, Cowtown is/was host to many a wild square dancing crowd.

Though hard to see in this photo, I believe it is also home to the largest bee swarm in Riverside.

And look at those clouds!

Day34 With This Ring…

With This Ring

With This Ring

Photo Class Day!

For those of you who don’t know me, I teach photography classes every few months locally (focus is to get you off of automatic mode and get you comfortable shooting in manual, in any situation)

For this particular class, I had arranged to take the group into the Mission Inn Chapel.
Unfortunately, the early wedding party started late………..and went even later. In the meantime, we went over several things and I used other parts of the grounds to teach the class.

As much as I would like to say that I was shooting this particular wedding here, I can’t.  Just ease dropping!