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Day113 You Meet the Nicest People…

Plum Evil

Plum Evil

I have always been a huge fan of the ole classic cars.

I am also lucky enough that many of my business clients turn out to be long time close friends.

I have a 1938 Ford Pick-Up that is taking a lot longer than anticipated to finish (isn’t that the case with most car projects?)

With a little help (or a lot) from Alan and Johnson’s Rods & Customs, my little beast should one day be back on the road.

Sow what does it have to do with this photo?

Johnson’s also happens to be quite the hang out for the gang from “Old Farts Racing”, a Riverside staple!
This is one of the awesome cars that happened to be there today, and just one of the many beautiful classic cars running around the city.

And if one day this truck makes it to the street, wave and say hello, it is only me!

Kidder Concept Truck

Kidder Concept Truck


Day91 Riverside Chili Cook-Off & Car Show

Classic Cruiser

Classic Cruiser

I go to many car shows throughout the year.
Besides a personal passion for old cars and trucks, a fair amount of my clients are from that industry (and a few sponsors).

The Event: Riverside’s Chili Cook-Off & Car Show.
An annual event bringing the community together for fun, socializing, and entertainment.
The main drag of the city is shut down for about a mile and lined with custom/classic cars, vendors, rides, and entertainment.

This year I decided to open a booth at the show, and glad I did.
Many car shows that I attend, we have a booth, but it is usually focused around pinstriping and custom paint. This one I decided to go completely with car/motorcycle “renderings”.

That said, the booth was a bigger hit than I had expected and photo shoots start tomorrow!
Anyone want to help me shoot a “herd” of motorcycles? 🙂

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………almost forgot!

This was my favorite entry to the show! -rendering free of charge.


Day82 City of Firsts



Here you have it!
Another icon of Riverside (though surprisingly, not many in the city are even aware of why our buses look like trolley cars).Though most people think of San Francisco at the thought of the trolley, Riverside was in fast the first city to have trolleys in the United States.
The lines ran through the town on what is today Magnolia Avenue.

The Trolley buses are a tribute to that past.
Riverside has also held the monikers of:
City of Trees: Due to the start of the naval oranges here
City of Firsts: First Palm lined streets, trolley, and others
City of Arts & Culture: I think that is a more “wish we were” type of title.
and Great American City: Pretty sure the smog levels have nothing to do with this title.


Day78 Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

If any particular street in Riverside has a history to it, this would be the one!

Anyone who has lived in Riverside for even a short period of time is familiar with Victoria Ave.

Many stories surround this street, all centered around the history of the city, history of the country, and solidifying Riverside as the “City of Firsts”.

It is said that this is the street which started the typical California image of Palm lined streets.

I have also heard that is is part of the first road which connected Canada and Mexico.

Victoria Ave. dates back to the days preceding the automobile and has played host to the travels of many dignitaries and presidents on their ventures (and visits) through the area.

Countless volunteers collect throughout the year to maintain the miles of roses, trees, and vegetation that provide to the beauty of this road.

Victoria Ave. is also home to several Mexican Folklore….

Day62 Riverside Show & Go

Riverside Show & Go

Riverside Show & Go

The Show & Go is a regular annual fundraiser here is Riverside.
Limited to the first 1000 classic cars, this show has grown considerably over the years, bringing in people from several surrounding states.

Nothing brings in summer like all of downtown blocked off and full of classic cars.