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Day133 La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

For the East Side of Riverside, there is nothing new about La Gran Fiesta Ranchera.

I can not tell you how many years that this festival, er um, fiesta has been going on, but I can say that I remember visiting it with friends back in Jr. High School.

The event, which is an annual fundraiser for Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine on Victoria Ave, draws an amazing crowd and some great musical talent.

And then there is the food…………
That is what this event is all about (okay, maybe that is just me!).
Carnitas, tamales, corn, jugos…….. and of coarse pizza!  Afterall, what would a fiesta be without pizza?

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

La Gran Fiesta Ranchera

Traditional carnival style games line one side of the venue and greet visitors as they enter.

Food, beverages, and entertainment fill the rest.

Day111 Universal Unitarian Church

Universal Unitarian Church

Universal Unitarian Church

Originally All Souls Church (est 1881), the Universalist church was dedicated in June, 1892.

It is a combination of Norman and English Gothic architecture designed by A.C.  Willard.  The walls are of brick faced with red sandstone from a quarry in Flagstaff, Arizona.  In the vestibule of the 50ft tower, the floor is of marble from a quarry in Colton. All windows are original.

The focal point of this room is a large triple window on the north wall.
The center section honors Dr. George Henry Deere, who with his wife Louisa, arrived in Riverside July 1881 to found this Universalist congregation-The first in Southern California.

In 1891 the Deeres went East to raise money for the building of the chruch.  In Chicago, they visited the Sebiling Wells Glass Co.  From several designs presented to them, they chose various parts to create this human figure of Jesus in a window free of religious symbols.

Universalists viewed Jesus as the Master Teacher rather than as the divine Son of God.  (courtesy Universalist Unitarian Church)

Day75 Castle Park

Castle Park Carousel

Castle Park Carousel

I supply quite a few photos to different entities throughout the city for use in news letters, documents, websites, and the like.

Recently I was asked by the Riverside Convention and Visitor’s Bureau if I had any photos of Castle Park, and the carousel in particular.

In respect to business and property owners, I always try to get the proper “clearance” and okay to shoot and use the images.

Today was the arranged day for the Castle Park.  And here is your carousel Mary!  🙂

Day49 St Catherine’s

St. Catherines

St. Catherines

In my quest to cover my hometown of Riverside, I passed through my old stomping grounds today on my way home.

St. Catherine’s Church, a corner-stone in the community brings back many memories (I only attended the regular carnivals there) of late spring and summer nights.

Day37 Gothic



Another stormy day takes Kevin out to shoot!

All Saints Episcopal Church, located next to the Riverside Community Hospital, looks just like an image from a horror movie.

Day26 Heaven’s Gate

Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate

Not that I am proposing that we have rain here like that for which Seattle is known, but I have to admit that rain comes with many blessings!

I would not profess to being the “religious type”, though these past few days may seem to say that I have an attraction to churches.

You can not help but be inspired by the design and craftsmanship of these old buildings! So why the rain bit?

Today was a day of off and on rain. Between showers, I happened to be driving down Brockton Ave passing the First United Methodist Church.

With the sun peeking through the clouds, and the church still drenched from the previous moment’s down pour, the colors were ablaze on the church’s normally dull facade.

To be honest, it was the architecture that inspired me to stop to take the shot.  I did not even notice the gold hues of the archway till the picture was in full view on my computer.