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Day135 Metropolitan Museum

Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

By 1900, Riverside had become one of the premiere winter resort communities in the nation. Engulfed in twenty thousand acres of Washington Navel orange groves, Riverside served as a center for agricultural innovation, bringing the revolution of corporate capitalism to the southwestern U.S. via the modern citrus enterprise.

Located in the broad, inland valley of the Santa Ana River in Southern California, Riverside numbered among the wealthiest communities per capita in the nation. The University of California Citrus Experiment Station (core of the present University of California, Riverside) brought a tradition of ground-breaking scientific research to the city. Riverside’s renowned Mission Inn hotel, and its inspirational role in the development of the Arts & Craft Style, attracted some of America’s foremost entrepreneurs in search of new recreational, aesthetic and business opportunities. Riverside became a magnet for prosperous, educated practitioners of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the West. in the nation.

Out of this context came the Cornelius Earle Rumsey Indian Collection which later became the Riverside Municipal Museum now known as the Riverside Metropolitan Museum (RMM). The Museum opened in the basement of City Hall on December 12, 1924, when the widow of National Biscuit Company (NABISCO) magnate Cornelius Earle Rumsey donated his collection of Native American artifacts to the City of Riverside. An ordinance, amending the City Charter and establishing a Municipal Museum, was adopted by the City Council on August 27, 1925. The current mission statement found in the city ordinance states that, “All collections and exhibits of the Museum shall generally reflect but shall not necessarily be limited to the specific interpretations of the history, natural history and anthropology of the City and County of Riverside and the immediate environs of southern California.” From 1924 on, the collections have grown, typically through donations by prominent citizens and organizations, contributing to RMM holdings in the disciplines of local history, natural history, and anthropology. From 1925-48, the RMM was located in the basement of the old City Hall building on Riverside’s Seventh Street (now Mission Inn Avenue).

In 1987, the main museum building and Heritage House were placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2005, the Riverside Municipal Museum changed its name to Riverside Metropolitan Museum.

New Home of the Riverside Municipal Museum, 1948

In 1948, the Museum was moved to the basement of the former U. S. Post Office, adjacent to the old City Hall, a Renaissance Revival-style structure, built in 1912-14. The main exhibits, administration offices, anthropology, natural history curatorial offices, collections storage, and registrar’s office carried on their activities in this building. The history curatorial office/collections and exhibits services eventually moved to an annex, a converted Safeway Supermarket, located four blocks from the main building.

Day124 UCR Museum of Photography

UCR California Museum of Photography

UCR California Museum of Photography

I had a chance to visit the new California Museum of Photography today. What a beautiful place!

This particular room is dedicated to “the masters”.
Works from Ansel Adam, and an amazing collection of camera history fill the place.

As part of the University of California, Riverside, the museum is more than just a showcase of photo history.
An ongoing array of classes, workshops, events, and a state of the are computer lab are available to both students and public.

UCR California Museum of Photography
3824 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

Day109 Arlington Library

Arlington Library

Arlington Library

Today’s photo comes from a request.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places since July 22, 1993

Day104 Riverside Aquatic Center

Riverside Aquatic Center

Riverside Aquatic Center

RCC will soon be home to a state of the art Aquatic Complex.

It will feature a 65-meter pool, which can be sectioned off to run several activities at the same time; 10-, 7-, 5-, 3- and 1-meter diving boards; and seating for 800. It will be built near the college’s two existing pools, which will continue to be used for training and recreation.

The center will host competitions and serve as a training facility for aquatic teams, whose members will no longer have to drive to Orange County to use a similar facility.

I have been told that one of the center’s biggest boasts will be the construction of a “fast” pool.

So what is a “fast” pool?
Now personally, I don’t know what makes a pool fast, nor did many of the people of whom I have questioned concerning the matter.

If you find yourself losing sleep over this matter, feel free to let me know, and I am sure that I can make up some believable information to sooth your restless nights!

It will feature a 65-meter pool, which can be sectioned off to run several activities at the same time; 10-, 7-, 5-, 3- and 1-meter diving boards; and seating for 800. It will be built near the college’s two existing pools, which will continue to be used for training and recreation.

Day95 They Grow So Fast!



It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my daughter to her first day of kindergarten.

Has it really been 13 years?

It is that time of year again.
The robes are being donned, as our seniors are filled with a sense of accomplishment (and relief).

For many, this is just the first step in reaching their goals and realizing their futures.

Lucky for me, my daughter won’t be traveling far to further her education (all the way to UCR).

But it still brings tears to the eyes to see “my baby” growing so quickly.

Day88 UCR Art Center

UCR Art Center

UCR Art Center

Happy Birthday to Me!

In recognition of my birthday today, the city has given me this building. Okay, not really, bit it is my birthday!This is the site of the new Art Center for the University of California, Riverside.

I believe this building was the first department store to be located in Riverside. None the less, the inside of this place is beautiful! I can’t wait till it opens.

Day84 Off to College

Off to College

Off to College

In just over a week, my daughter graduates from high school.

She will be going far away to college (less than a mile) at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

After dropping her off to take some placement exams, I decided to venture around the school and take a couple of pictures.

I too went to this school, but during my high school years.
I must say that the school has sure changed from back in those days.

Day30 Art at UCR

Art Dept, UCR

Art Dept, UCR

This picture comes for a request from an old friend who had moved away several years ago.

Through this blog, and Facebook, I am often asked about “old stomping grounds” from friends that I went to school with, and even people that I have never met.

Is there some place that you would like to see?