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Day131 Riverside Street Jam

Riverside Street Jam

Riverside Street Jam

The Riverside Downtown Partnership is doing its part to bring the community together with its annual Riverside Downtown Street Jam.

Featuring art, entertainment, autos, and events, this years Jam brought a large turnout.

Even with the cooler than normal July weather, the pedestrian walks new fountain features proved to be popular in cooling off the attending residents.

Day130 Friends



This particular photo, to me, represents the true heart and soul of Riverside!

Sure Riverside has a robust history.
Sure it has beautiful buildings.

But what truly makes Riverside is its people!

Growing up here, I have established many relationships.
Some come and go, others last a lifetime.

This particular picture represents that friendship. A night camping with a group of close friends- All 20 of us ( We have known each other since 7th grade.  That is about 33 years to you and me!).

We talk often (usually daily), and regularly hold “posse” events.

If that doesn’t represent the heart and soul of Riverside, than I don’t know what does!

Day125 Happy Independence Day

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

Each year the streets, fields, parking lots, and even roof tops around Mt Rubidoux are lined with local residents and friends waiting to see the fireworks show.

This year was no exception.

Even as I drove down Brockton around 6pm, people were already marking there domain.

The one tradition that has in the past set Riverside apart: the Annual “Burning of the Mound”.

In the past, it was just as much of a tradition to watch the hill burn afterwards as were the fireworks.
How times have changed!  🙂

Day124 UCR Museum of Photography

UCR California Museum of Photography

UCR California Museum of Photography

I had a chance to visit the new California Museum of Photography today. What a beautiful place!

This particular room is dedicated to “the masters”.
Works from Ansel Adam, and an amazing collection of camera history fill the place.

As part of the University of California, Riverside, the museum is more than just a showcase of photo history.
An ongoing array of classes, workshops, events, and a state of the are computer lab are available to both students and public.

UCR California Museum of Photography
3824 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

Day122 Arts Walk

Riverside ArtsWalk

Riverside ArtsWalk

The first Thursday of each month brings the community of Riverside (and neighboring areas) out to celebrate Arts Walk.

Officially from 6pm-9pm, visitors can browse through more than 20 galleries, studios, and museums; entertain themselves with street performers; and share in the cultural and artistic diversification of the Inland Empire.

I have met some really great people and artists out here.

If you haven’t been, come out, look around, and enjoy the community spirit!

Day114 Riverside Rancheros

Riverside Rancheros Barrel Racer

Riverside Rancheros

The year was 1959 when an idea was born. The city of Riverside should have an equestrian club to enhance horse related social activities. A parcel of land was purchased for a non-profit horse
club and the Riverside Rancheros was formed. The club was incorporated in 1960 and was established through family memberships.
The past and current members are proud of this facility, a facility completely maintained by the members through continuous hard work and participation. In 1961 a 300 foot arena was
constructed and a clubhouse was built. The facility was now equipped with an arena, clubhouse and horse corrals giving its members and guests a place to ride and enjoy their horses.

For nearly five decades, the Riverside Rancheros has been the headquarters for youth riding groups, mounted police and sheriffs’ training center, rodeos, horse shows, team roping, barrel racing and team sorting. It has allowed youth groups such as FFA, 4H, Cub Scouts, Y-Indian Guides and Junior Rodeo to use the club facilities for benefit dinners, fundraisers and therapeutic riding programs.

The Rancheros has its own Jr. Equestrian drill team performing in shows and parades throughout California. (Courtesy Riverside Rancheros)

Day104 Riverside Aquatic Center

Riverside Aquatic Center

Riverside Aquatic Center

RCC will soon be home to a state of the art Aquatic Complex.

It will feature a 65-meter pool, which can be sectioned off to run several activities at the same time; 10-, 7-, 5-, 3- and 1-meter diving boards; and seating for 800. It will be built near the college’s two existing pools, which will continue to be used for training and recreation.

The center will host competitions and serve as a training facility for aquatic teams, whose members will no longer have to drive to Orange County to use a similar facility.

I have been told that one of the center’s biggest boasts will be the construction of a “fast” pool.

So what is a “fast” pool?
Now personally, I don’t know what makes a pool fast, nor did many of the people of whom I have questioned concerning the matter.

If you find yourself losing sleep over this matter, feel free to let me know, and I am sure that I can make up some believable information to sooth your restless nights!

It will feature a 65-meter pool, which can be sectioned off to run several activities at the same time; 10-, 7-, 5-, 3- and 1-meter diving boards; and seating for 800. It will be built near the college’s two existing pools, which will continue to be used for training and recreation.

Day101 Riverside’s New Animal Shelter

Riverside Animal Shelter

Riverside Animal Shelter

Riverside has a new animal shelter!

The new 12-acre, 67,000-square foot shelter opened May 8th of this year.

6851 Van Buren Blvd
Riverside, CA 92509

Day97 Human Art

Deviant Art

Deviant Art

Today Shutter Stories, a relatively new photo studio rental facility in Riverside, hosted the photography event of the year: “The Deviant Art Shootout”.

From tattoos to piercings, gymnasts to acrobats, there was more than enough photo opportunities for any photographer, new or seasoned. the event also featured free “breakout sessions” (or short classes) covering everything from posing techniques to use of lighting and advanced camera settings.

Seven diverse indoor sets as well as ongoing outdoor activities/vendors made up the venue. Sponsors from Canon, Samy’s Camera, and others were also on hand to help answer any questions and show all the latest “gear”.

This is sure to be one of the “must attend” photo events in southern California.

Day91 Riverside Chili Cook-Off & Car Show

Classic Cruiser

Classic Cruiser

I go to many car shows throughout the year.
Besides a personal passion for old cars and trucks, a fair amount of my clients are from that industry (and a few sponsors).

The Event: Riverside’s Chili Cook-Off & Car Show.
An annual event bringing the community together for fun, socializing, and entertainment.
The main drag of the city is shut down for about a mile and lined with custom/classic cars, vendors, rides, and entertainment.

This year I decided to open a booth at the show, and glad I did.
Many car shows that I attend, we have a booth, but it is usually focused around pinstriping and custom paint. This one I decided to go completely with car/motorcycle “renderings”.

That said, the booth was a bigger hit than I had expected and photo shoots start tomorrow!
Anyone want to help me shoot a “herd” of motorcycles? 🙂

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh………almost forgot!

This was my favorite entry to the show! -rendering free of charge.