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Day100 The Tank at Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park Tank

Fairmount Park Tank

So why is there a tank at Fairmount Park anyway?

The tank is a memorial to the workers and soldiers that built and operated the amphibious tank LVT-(A)-1 in WWII.

For those unaware, these tanks were actually built right here in Riverside….

Day74 Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Today I paired up with good friend and fellow photographer Donella (from Ella B Photography) to help cover and extended family photo shoot.

Fairmount Park is the perfect place for such a shoot, due to the variety of “backgrounds” to pick from. Rose Gardens, fields, water, bridges, the boat house, etc.

Tip: Having more than one photographer for family shoot is always great in that it gives you many opportunities for candid shots and close-ups during the “formal” part of the shoot.

Day55 Union Pacific

Union Pacific

Union Pacific

There is a lot of history in the city of Riverside.

Though time has changed the city’s identity, it was originally known as the city of firsts: First palm tree lined street (set mood for California), the first trolley cars, Naval orange trees, and so on).

Though I imagine that this old Union Pacific train also has some history behind it. All that I could find was that the train was donated to the city in July, 1954.

As a kid, the train was open to the public.
From front to back, top to bottom kids (and adult kids) would scour every inch of the beast.

These days, this train has gone the way of the old playgrounds with metal slides, and rusted joints.

Day39 Andulka Park

Andulka Park

Andulka Park

Riverside’s newest Park and Recreation center featuring two new baseball fields, a tennis complex with pro-shop (nine regulation courts and one tournament court), two lighted basketball courts, restroom and concession facilities, children’s playground, picnic facilities, open meadow areas, onsite parking for approximately 200 vehicles, and a walking/jogging trail and native habitat area.




Day29 Boat House

Boat House

Boat House, Fairmount Park

Just as I warned you, here is the boat house at Fairmount Park.

Anyone remember the old paddle boats, rides, etc from back in the day?

Day28 Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park

Anyone who has ever lived in or near Riverside is familiar with Fairmount Park.

I was feeling nostalgic today, thinking about aspects of Riverside that I remember from my childhood.

Though I was never into fishing (nor do I think I would eat fish caught in this lake), it was a popular place back in the day for just that!

With the recent wet weather that we have been having, the sunsets have been unusually vibrant.

Tomorrow I think I will come back and get a picture of the old “boat house”, when there is some light left in the sky