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Day134 Summerset



Summers in Riverside can be quite brutal!

This year, however, we have been quite lucky as far as the temperatures are concerned………… far!

Today’s “adventures in photography” take us back up Mt Rubidoux for a run/walk at sunset (Read: a walk for me and my friends, a run for my girlfriend who is training for a marathon).

The views from “the hill” never ceaze to amaze me!
Whether clear or overcast (okay, so it is really smog!), you can see for miles! And the mood and view lend itself to endless photo opportunities.

The lush greens of spring are long gone, as well as the sea of colors from the wildflowers.  Still, there is a heartfelt beauty that only home can bring!

Day127 Wildfowers



Though not specific to Riverside, the recent weather and photo shoots have drawn me more outside these days.

In Riverside we have many historic buildings that serve as reminders of the past, links to our history. What also makes Riverside what it is, is the natural beauty that surrounds the area.

Though most of the area these days has been developed, leaving little of the natural landscape, the remote barren fields and preserves give us a peek at what used to be.

Day115 Magnolias



The Magnolia tree is almost as much of an icon to Riverside as the orange tree it.

Many a street in Riverside is lined with the Magnolia, and at this time of year they are in full bloom.

I have had several people tell me that the Magnolia tree has a history here, but nobody seemed to know what it is.
Even with the power of the internet, I could still not find any information linking the tree to the city.

Day80 Westerly View

Westerly View

Westerly View

It was one of those frustrating days. You know the kind!
Having spent my brain on the day’s work, there was nothing left for inspiration for the day’s photo, so…………Up Mt Rubidoux I went.
Everything that I looked at brought little interest.
My brain was just mush.Anyway, here is your “mush” creation for the day!


Day9 Courtyard

Courtyard @ Mission Inn

I told you that I worked in this area often!  🙂

Though I didn’t plan to shoot today, thank goodness for always having a camera with me.

I happened to be walking through the Mission Inn on my way to another client’s office when the color from all the blooming bouganvilla caught my eye.

Talk about luck!
With the short season of the flowers catching the flowers in their peek, with the right lighting is more about luck than planning.