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Day129 Sails



Day100 The Tank at Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park Tank

Fairmount Park Tank

So why is there a tank at Fairmount Park anyway?

The tank is a memorial to the workers and soldiers that built and operated the amphibious tank LVT-(A)-1 in WWII.

For those unaware, these tanks were actually built right here in Riverside….

Day92 Deep in the South

Deep in the South

Deep in the South

I have noticed this place from atop Mt Rubidoux, but prior, never knew that it even existed.

This is what you would expect to see deep in the south, but surely not here in Riverside.

The old “plantation” home, now houses the Riverside County Parks & Recreation Dept. headquarters.

Day87 Can You Spare a Quarter?

Can you spare a Quarter?

Can you spare a Quarter?

For those of us who frequent the downtown areas of Riverside, perhaps the most pronounced “improvement” to the area is the herding of parking meters.

I can’t help but think that with the dwindling sales and traffic to the small businesses in the downtown district that these new city icons hinder more than help the problem.

Will conditions improve?

The Free parking lot (2 hours anyway) located at the corner of Market & 6th street will soon also be a blast from the past.  Though a new parking structure will be erected in its place (beneath the proposed Hyatt Hotel), it too will be a paid parking garage.

Day67 City Hall

Riverside City Hall

Riverside City Hall

Day40 Forgotten



One thing that Riverside has is some of the most beautiful houses.

From the old Victorians, to the craftsman houses on the Wood Streets, to the beautiful (and Huge) homes in Stellan Ranch.

Many of these old pieces of Riverside’s history have been preserved by loving owners who take pride in their heritage.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule!
This particular house, one of two adjacent homes owned by the city, sit empty, unloved, and in dis-repair.

Both are also slated for demolition.

Think the city might “donate” one to me to use as a working gallery?

Day8 Riverside County Admin

Riverside County Admin Building

Another recent revamping of the local government buildings is that of the Riverside County Administration building.

The addition of the new facade really transformed this once generic looking high rise into an architectural beauty.

Though not exactly the place that comes to mind to go spend the day, if you ever have to visit, take a look around as this building also hosts the “Artscape” gallery exhibit: A 6 month cycling gallery of artwork from local artists.

Day7 Courthouse

Riverside Courthouse

The Riverside Courthouse, located on Main Street.

Undergoing a recent and massive renovation, both the inside and outside of this place are absolutely beautiful.

My only question: Did they get a discount, back in the day, for having every statue made from the same mold?