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Day40 Forgotten



One thing that Riverside has is some of the most beautiful houses.

From the old Victorians, to the craftsman houses on the Wood Streets, to the beautiful (and Huge) homes in Stellan Ranch.

Many of these old pieces of Riverside’s history have been preserved by loving owners who take pride in their heritage.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule!
This particular house, one of two adjacent homes owned by the city, sit empty, unloved, and in dis-repair.

Both are also slated for demolition.

Think the city might “donate” one to me to use as a working gallery?

Day1 Welcome to Riverside365



I would like to welcome you to “MY” view of Riverside, CA.

A little about me:
My name is Kevin Kidder and I am a graphic designer/photographer who was raised here in wonderful Riverside, CA.
I have been around the world a few times, lived across the US, and each time I find my self coming home to this city.

The goal of this blog is multi-purpose.
First: It allows me to share with you “my” vision of the city.
Second: In commiting myself to take one unique photo a day, It opens my eyes (and hopefully yours) to the many features that this city alone has to offer, allowing us all to grow as a community.
Third: I wish to share with those from outside of the community the treasures that Riverside has to offer.
Forth: To learn, and share, a bit about the history of what made this city what it is today.

For those of us who live and work here, the things that we see regularly become much like those things stuck to the front of our refrigerators.  After a while, we just don’t see them anymore.

Hopefully this will inspire “YOU” to look around and see what I see in the town around you.

May my photos make you proud of the place that you call home!