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Day130 Friends



This particular photo, to me, represents the true heart and soul of Riverside!

Sure Riverside has a robust history.
Sure it has beautiful buildings.

But what truly makes Riverside is its people!

Growing up here, I have established many relationships.
Some come and go, others last a lifetime.

This particular picture represents that friendship. A night camping with a group of close friends- All 20 of us ( We have known each other since 7th grade.  That is about 33 years to you and me!).

We talk often (usually daily), and regularly hold “posse” events.

If that doesn’t represent the heart and soul of Riverside, than I don’t know what does!

Day119 White Park

White Parkq

White Park

Established in 1883 with private donations of land
and labor, this park formerly reflected the Victorian
philosophy of eclectic and exotic landscaping in public
outdoor spaces. Named for Albert W. White, a city
trustee and private citizen, the park was deeded to the
city in 1889. .around 1875.

Trivia note:Albert “Stoney” White was the ‘first border’ at the Mission Inn.

Today, White Park houses a senior center, cactus garden, butterfly garden, and a Japanese Garden (see below).

Throughout the year, the park is host to a number of events ranging from the Mayor’s Ball (A fundraising event for the city’s art community) to live music, carnivals, and community events.

White Park, Japanese Gardens


Take this!

Take This!

Take This!

Not exactly a Riverside365 photo, but what the heck?!

This photo was taken while doing an equestrian shoot.

I just thought I would share as some of you may enjoy it.

Happy Monday!

Day113 You Meet the Nicest People…

Plum Evil

Plum Evil

I have always been a huge fan of the ole classic cars.

I am also lucky enough that many of my business clients turn out to be long time close friends.

I have a 1938 Ford Pick-Up that is taking a lot longer than anticipated to finish (isn’t that the case with most car projects?)

With a little help (or a lot) from Alan and Johnson’s Rods & Customs, my little beast should one day be back on the road.

Sow what does it have to do with this photo?

Johnson’s also happens to be quite the hang out for the gang from “Old Farts Racing”, a Riverside staple!
This is one of the awesome cars that happened to be there today, and just one of the many beautiful classic cars running around the city.

And if one day this truck makes it to the street, wave and say hello, it is only me!

Kidder Concept Truck

Kidder Concept Truck


Day108 Riverside Medical Clinic

Riverside Medical Clinic

Riverside Medical Clinic

For those of you following this blog, you know that this place has become my new “home away from home”.

Not because I am injury prone, or for health issues, but because of their hosting the Riverside 365 Gallery.

Yesterday, with lighting up and canvas finally hung (though more to come), I finally had the chance to stand back and take a look.

It was nice to watch people stopping to look, discuss the images, and try to figure out where each image was taken.

In the short time that I was there, a few people (7 or 8) stopped in to visit and chat with me.

What a great experience.

Any part of Riverside that you would like to see in the gallery?

This image was taken as I was walking out, at closing time.   I love this building!

Day105 365 Gallery is Here!!

Riverside 365 Gallery

Riverside 365 Gallery

It is finally a reality!!!!

After weeks of deciding, printing, stretching canvas, installing the electrical wiring and lights, building backlit suspended frames, the Riverside365 gallery will finally open to the public!

Yesterday we finished up the lighting and hung the two backlit images seen suspended in the windows.
Today was hanging the remainder of the canvas (well, except for the one that I forgot to print!!).

I am happy with how it has come out and will be rotating (and hopefully selling) some prints about every couple weeks.
So where is it at?

Riverside Medical Clinic
7117 Brockton Ave
Riverside, CA 92506

Located smack dab in the center of the main lobby!

Ideas or suggestions?  Please let me know!

(Thank you Marty, Linda, and D for all your help!)

Day95 They Grow So Fast!



It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my daughter to her first day of kindergarten.

Has it really been 13 years?

It is that time of year again.
The robes are being donned, as our seniors are filled with a sense of accomplishment (and relief).

For many, this is just the first step in reaching their goals and realizing their futures.

Lucky for me, my daughter won’t be traveling far to further her education (all the way to UCR).

But it still brings tears to the eyes to see “my baby” growing so quickly.

Day94 Life Arts Building

Life Arts Building

Life Arts Building

Here is a “new & improved” view of the Life Arts Building, taken with the new wide angle lens.

The day before Arts Walk, and the studios are already busy preparing for the next day’s events.

Though I was originally supposed to show at this event, my daughter’s International Baccalaureate Ceremony is the same day as the event.  Who can miss their own child’s graduation ceremonies?

Day93 My Porch



Okay, so maybe this isn’t really by front porch, but I do spend a lot of time here.

Today though, it wasn’t for business.
I just received a new wide angle lens, primarily to capture this shot.

Though this one is only a “test” picture, I am quite happy with how it came out!

The “real” image that I have is taken later in the evening when all the lights are on……..and taken with a tripod so that I can get better detail and color.

None the less, this is YOUR image for the day!

Mission Inn Rotunda
Riverside, CA

Day90 Gallery

Riverside365 Gallery

Riverside365 Gallery

It is official!

Today I “tagged” the windows for the new gallery.
I will start putting in pictures (or hanging installations as the art folks like to say) this next week.

Sorry for the redundancy, but when I hang the window pictures that I am having done, I will post more pictures. The presentation is going to be quite breathtaking!