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Day123 Tamale Factory

Tamale Factory

Tamale Factory

Though I must admit that I have never eaten at the Tamale Factory, the architecture there is fantastic!

Owned and operated by Josie Hornback & Naomi Avila (a mother and daughter team), the place is a favorite among the local business people.

Designed and built by Avila’s husband, the building is meant to appear ageless and blend with surrounding businesses.

The Tamale Factory also features the spacious and elegant Avila Terrace. Set atop the Tamale Factory with open air terrace and formal dining room, Avila Terrace hosts private events plus an award winning Mystery Dinner Theater program on Friday and Saturday Nights!

The Tamale Factory is located in the pedestrian walk (Main St), across from the Mission Inn.

Day93 My Porch



Okay, so maybe this isn’t really by front porch, but I do spend a lot of time here.

Today though, it wasn’t for business.
I just received a new wide angle lens, primarily to capture this shot.

Though this one is only a “test” picture, I am quite happy with how it came out!

The “real” image that I have is taken later in the evening when all the lights are on……..and taken with a tripod so that I can get better detail and color.

None the less, this is YOUR image for the day!

Mission Inn Rotunda
Riverside, CA

Day54 Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Timing is everything (okay, maybe location too)!

Surprise! Didn’t expect to see me back at the Mission Inn, did you?

This time I was actually going to the Crescent Jewell to get some lunch.

My friend, eagerly waiting for me, was mocking my effort to take some pictures of the sky and clouds. And then………..

Just as the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds {click}.

He decided to take back his comments after seeing the picture.

Day45 Rotunda



The Mission Inn Rotunda: Undeniably my favorite place in the Mission Inn.

Years back, peace talks would take place at the Mission Inn. In celebration and in recognition of, each lantern would be flanked with the flags of the represented countries.

I will have to see if I can organize  something like that again (or at least the flag part!)

Day44 Carmel Dome

Carmel Dome

Carmel Dome

The Carmel Dome is the crowning glory of the Cloister Wing.  It is a replica of the Mission in Carmel on the northern California coast.  The dome used to house a telescope so that guests could gaze at the heavens through the round portholes near the top of the dome. (source:

Day43 Alice’s Room

Mary's Room

Alices’s Room

The Mission Inn is full of stories.

Alice Miller’s old room is no exception.

Alice Miller’s Old Room: Located on the 4th floor in the southeast corner of the hotel, the room of Alice Miller (the old manager) can be found. It is believed that this room, which offers two levels, possesses high paranormal activity, including the sighting of apparitions, cold spots, physical sensations, and a strong presence believed to be Alice herself.

Day42 Secret Passage

Secret Passage

Secret Passage

Sundays are a day that I reserve for just me
(okay….and a photo for you!)

Tomorrow I am starting a series of shoots for one of the city organizations so I thought I would go out, take some shots for myself (oh yea, and you) while scoping out idea for the week.

By this time they are used to seeing me at the Mission Inn.  Couple that with my awareness of the “proper” photo check-in procedures and now I am no longer greeted by security.

This is the first time that I have actually taken architecture pictures after sunset within the Mission Inn.  What a differnce!

Day34 With This Ring…

With This Ring

With This Ring

Photo Class Day!

For those of you who don’t know me, I teach photography classes every few months locally (focus is to get you off of automatic mode and get you comfortable shooting in manual, in any situation)

For this particular class, I had arranged to take the group into the Mission Inn Chapel.
Unfortunately, the early wedding party started late………..and went even later. In the meantime, we went over several things and I used other parts of the grounds to teach the class.

As much as I would like to say that I was shooting this particular wedding here, I can’t.  Just ease dropping!

Day32 Chapel Doors

Chapel Doors

Chapel Doors

Wow, would you believe that I am at the Mission Inn again?

Are you tired of the pictures yet?

Day21 Off Main Street

Main Street

Main Street

You know those days where you just don’t have much to say?

This is one of those days!

This is the backside of the Mission Inn, at the corner of Main and 6th streets.