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Day15 Free to Roam

Little Perch

I designated today as pretty much a “play” day!

I had business at the Mission Inn around lunch time, with an open calendar for the remainder of the day…………so why not roam around and take some photos?

If you want to see more of the photos from the day (or Riverside) they are located on my Kidder Gallery site.

Day13 Icon


Perhaps the “icon” photo of the Mission Inn, this view can be seen in many media thoughout the city from postcards, to websites, to greeting cards and posters

Day9 Courtyard

Courtyard @ Mission Inn

I told you that I worked in this area often!  🙂

Though I didn’t plan to shoot today, thank goodness for always having a camera with me.

I happened to be walking through the Mission Inn on my way to another client’s office when the color from all the blooming bouganvilla caught my eye.

Talk about luck!
With the short season of the flowers catching the flowers in their peek, with the right lighting is more about luck than planning.

Day6 Spiral

Spiral, Mission Inn

I must be spending too much time these days on the backroads!

Also part of the Mission Inn, and in plain site, many people overlook this “piece” of architectural beauty.

Day3 Mission Light

Mission Light

Undoubtedly the most photographed location in Riverside, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa is a photographer’s dream.

With its never ending details, history, and collections, you will never run out of things to photograph.

That said, I do quite a bit of work (my real job) here, so there is a great chance that this is far from the last photo of this place that you will see.

Also, if you have never been to the Mission Inn, or it has been several years, you owe it to yourself to visit!


Mission Light is part of a limited edition canvas series with a total circulation of 150 pieces.