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Day134 Summerset



Summers in Riverside can be quite brutal!

This year, however, we have been quite lucky as far as the temperatures are concerned………… far!

Today’s “adventures in photography” take us back up Mt Rubidoux for a run/walk at sunset (Read: a walk for me and my friends, a run for my girlfriend who is training for a marathon).

The views from “the hill” never ceaze to amaze me!
Whether clear or overcast (okay, so it is really smog!), you can see for miles! And the mood and view lend itself to endless photo opportunities.

The lush greens of spring are long gone, as well as the sea of colors from the wildflowers.  Still, there is a heartfelt beauty that only home can bring!

Day125 Happy Independence Day

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

Each year the streets, fields, parking lots, and even roof tops around Mt Rubidoux are lined with local residents and friends waiting to see the fireworks show.

This year was no exception.

Even as I drove down Brockton around 6pm, people were already marking there domain.

The one tradition that has in the past set Riverside apart: the Annual “Burning of the Mound”.

In the past, it was just as much of a tradition to watch the hill burn afterwards as were the fireworks.
How times have changed!  🙂

Day86 Riverside Overview

Riverside Overview

Riverside Overview

Another view of Riverside, from the top of Mt. Rubidoux.

Today I had a friend come to visit.
Though they have been in Riverside for a while, they had never been to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, so that was the goal for the day.

Even to this day, the view from the top amazes me, especially considering its height.

Day80 Westerly View

Westerly View

Westerly View

It was one of those frustrating days. You know the kind!
Having spent my brain on the day’s work, there was nothing left for inspiration for the day’s photo, so…………Up Mt Rubidoux I went.
Everything that I looked at brought little interest.
My brain was just mush.Anyway, here is your “mush” creation for the day!


Day25 Glory




Site of the first Easter Sunrise service.

One story no longer in circulation, because it is so preposterous, in that Father Serra was “passing through” the Riverside area and converted some Indians. He carried a large wooden cross and implanted it on the mountain top. Later settlers found this old cross in decayed condition and replaced it. Was Miller the source for this yarn? The Indians were too “dumb” to know anything about the “rain cross,” but Miller did!

The original Mt. Rubidoux cross was made from tree logs stained brown, which fitted into the mountain decor beautifully. It was fine for many years, but then some visitors, with a pocketknife, gouged out pieces for souvenirs. This was discouraged by wrapping the lower part of the cross in hardware cloth. Later vandals tried to set fire to it.
The Junior Chamber of Commerce decided to intervene.
They had a hollow core cement cross constructed over a wire form. It was flown up the mountain top and into position by a helicopter on March 3, 1963. The wooden cross was oriented to face the audience at the Easter Sunrise Service. The Junior Chamber shifted the orientation so that it was more conspicuous from Mission Boulevard. Perhaps this was better advertising.
The original wooden cross is to be found in the atrium in front of the St. Francis Chapel of the Mission Inn.

Day14 Fit with a View

Rolling In

I was invited to tag along with a friend on a hike up Mt. Rubidoux this morning.

As part of his new fitness regime, he walks “the hill” a few times a week.  Of course I could not make the outing without my camera!

Looking to the west on the hike up, the fog was rolling along the hillside and swallowing up most of the Santa Ana River and Rubidoux.  Beautiful, in an eerie sort of way!