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Day126 Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Sunset

Sycamore Park (near the top of Central Ave) has a great view of Riverside and the surrounding cities.

This is the same location that the fireworks photos from yesterday were taken.

With lush green grass, covered picnic areas, basketball courts, and playgrounds, it is a great place for some family time.

On a clear day you can almost see to LA!

Here is another photo from the same park:

Day125 Happy Independence Day

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

4th of July, Mt Rubidoux

Each year the streets, fields, parking lots, and even roof tops around Mt Rubidoux are lined with local residents and friends waiting to see the fireworks show.

This year was no exception.

Even as I drove down Brockton around 6pm, people were already marking there domain.

The one tradition that has in the past set Riverside apart: the Annual “Burning of the Mound”.

In the past, it was just as much of a tradition to watch the hill burn afterwards as were the fireworks.
How times have changed!  🙂

Day119 White Park

White Parkq

White Park

Established in 1883 with private donations of land
and labor, this park formerly reflected the Victorian
philosophy of eclectic and exotic landscaping in public
outdoor spaces. Named for Albert W. White, a city
trustee and private citizen, the park was deeded to the
city in 1889. .around 1875.

Trivia note:Albert “Stoney” White was the ‘first border’ at the Mission Inn.

Today, White Park houses a senior center, cactus garden, butterfly garden, and a Japanese Garden (see below).

Throughout the year, the park is host to a number of events ranging from the Mayor’s Ball (A fundraising event for the city’s art community) to live music, carnivals, and community events.

White Park, Japanese Gardens


Day100 The Tank at Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park Tank

Fairmount Park Tank

So why is there a tank at Fairmount Park anyway?

The tank is a memorial to the workers and soldiers that built and operated the amphibious tank LVT-(A)-1 in WWII.

For those unaware, these tanks were actually built right here in Riverside….

Day98 Bobby Bonds Skate Park

Bobby Bonds Park

Bobby Bonds Park

I never knew that Bobby Bonds Park had a skate park!

Driving down University Ave. I noticed the lights coming from Bobby Bonds Park.

It immediately reminded me of a phone call that I had last year from an Inland Empire Lacrosse team looking for some photos (Riverside has a lacrosse team? Jamaican bobsled team anyone?).

As much as I was looking forward to some lacrosse pictures, the sport of the day was soccer.  But directly behind it I found a skate park!

a few of the group were more than happy to entertain me for a few pics.

There is some talent at this park!

Day92 Deep in the South

Deep in the South

Deep in the South

I have noticed this place from atop Mt Rubidoux, but prior, never knew that it even existed.

This is what you would expect to see deep in the south, but surely not here in Riverside.

The old “plantation” home, now houses the Riverside County Parks & Recreation Dept. headquarters.

Day74 Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Fairmount Shores

Today I paired up with good friend and fellow photographer Donella (from Ella B Photography) to help cover and extended family photo shoot.

Fairmount Park is the perfect place for such a shoot, due to the variety of “backgrounds” to pick from. Rose Gardens, fields, water, bridges, the boat house, etc.

Tip: Having more than one photographer for family shoot is always great in that it gives you many opportunities for candid shots and close-ups during the “formal” part of the shoot.

Day70 Big Boy Toys

Riverside Live Steamers

Riverside Live Steamers

Here in Riverside’s Hunter Park lies the home of the Riverside Live Steamers.

The “Steamers” is an organization of train enthusiasts, 1/8 scale to be more specific, who gather every few weeks to share their passion with each other and the community., providing free rides around the park.

Every train in this group is restricted to a steam power locomotive.
Many of the “purists” run coal power engines just like the real boys did many years ago.

Hunter Park is slated for renovation to improve the grounds, baseball and soccer fields, and hopefully longevity of this dying breed.

For more info on the Riverside Live Steamers, you can visit:

Day55 Union Pacific

Union Pacific

Union Pacific

There is a lot of history in the city of Riverside.

Though time has changed the city’s identity, it was originally known as the city of firsts: First palm tree lined street (set mood for California), the first trolley cars, Naval orange trees, and so on).

Though I imagine that this old Union Pacific train also has some history behind it. All that I could find was that the train was donated to the city in July, 1954.

As a kid, the train was open to the public.
From front to back, top to bottom kids (and adult kids) would scour every inch of the beast.

These days, this train has gone the way of the old playgrounds with metal slides, and rusted joints.

Day52 Lake Evans

Lake Evans

Lake Evans

Located in Fairmount Park, Lake Evans is bound to hold memories for any resident who has been in Riverside for a while.

Though events in the park seem to be picking up these days, the “attendance” is a far cry from earlier days (in my lifetime anyway).

The shoreline has always intrigued me with its gnarled exposed roots and old growth trees.

Looks more like something from the deep south than what one would expect in Riverside.