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Day78 Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

Victoria Ave

If any particular street in Riverside has a history to it, this would be the one!

Anyone who has lived in Riverside for even a short period of time is familiar with Victoria Ave.

Many stories surround this street, all centered around the history of the city, history of the country, and solidifying Riverside as the “City of Firsts”.

It is said that this is the street which started the typical California image of Palm lined streets.

I have also heard that is is part of the first road which connected Canada and Mexico.

Victoria Ave. dates back to the days preceding the automobile and has played host to the travels of many dignitaries and presidents on their ventures (and visits) through the area.

Countless volunteers collect throughout the year to maintain the miles of roses, trees, and vegetation that provide to the beauty of this road.

Victoria Ave. is also home to several Mexican Folklore….

Day59 Riverside Plaza

Riverside Plaza

Riverside Plaza

Another view of the Riverside Plaza (Request Photo)

Day30 Art at UCR

Art Dept, UCR

Art Dept, UCR

This picture comes for a request from an old friend who had moved away several years ago.

Through this blog, and Facebook, I am often asked about “old stomping grounds” from friends that I went to school with, and even people that I have never met.

Is there some place that you would like to see?