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Day81 In the Good Ole Days

Good Ole Days

Good Ole Days

This was taken while I was supposed to be shooting view shots for a client of mine.
They own several properties with the most amazing views in the area.
Of course I was diverted by the old beat up looking area.

How could they blame me?
It has so much character.

And even though they did not pick this particular picture as a representative image of their property, I still think it has a lot of character.

Day71 Solitude



Today I was out doing landscape photography for a client.

The skies were beautiful and clear, the views great.  What a perfect day…………until

After spending the whole day traveling southern California, I get home and upload the photos to my computer.

Ever notice how sometimes the photos don’t exactly come out as you remember them?  This was such a day.

I had been shooting with the wrong settings on my camera the entire day.   UHG!

None the less, I really like how this image came out!

As for location: Stellan Ranch, Riverside.

Day54 Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Mission Mosaic

Timing is everything (okay, maybe location too)!

Surprise! Didn’t expect to see me back at the Mission Inn, did you?

This time I was actually going to the Crescent Jewell to get some lunch.

My friend, eagerly waiting for me, was mocking my effort to take some pictures of the sky and clouds. And then………..

Just as the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds {click}.

He decided to take back his comments after seeing the picture.